Endura Bond 1 oz


Item Code : Endura-Bond-1oz


  • Overview
  • Endura Bond Lace Wig Adhesive, hard bond 1 oz $ 25.33

  • Endura-Bond (EB) is specially formulated to be:
    • Skin-safe.
    • One of the strongest glues
    • Hard Bond Extended Wear
    • Water Resistant.
  • Beginners should take caution:
  • The hold is so strong- this is not the glue to accommodate for multiple mistakes. This adhesive does NOT contain formaldehyde, lead or mercury. (Not recommended for use on fragile lace materials.

  • All users:

  • SHOULD USE SPARINGLY! Only use a very thin bead around the perimeter of your lace wig. We recommend applying with a point as thin as a toothpick rather than using the bottle's applicator. Because EB dries very hard, it can be difficult to remove from fragile lace caps.