LiquiTape Brush


Item Code : LIQUI-TAP-5OZ


  • Overview
  • Walker LiquiTape Brush On Adhesive 1/2oz

  • Ideal for daily wear (up to 1 week) and primarily for use with polyurethane hair systems. Use this adhesive along with hairpiece tape for easier clean-up.

  • This solvent-based adhesive comes in a compact glass bottle great for travel and often used by hair wearers to reactivate the tape. 1/2oz glass vile.
  • Tech Specs
    • Avg. Hold Time 1-3 Days
    • Bottle Size (Fluid Ounces) 0.5 oz
    • Size (inches) 2.75" x 1"
  • Ingredients

  • Cyclohexane, Polysiloxane 10% or less by volume: Naphtha, Toluene less than 1% by volume: Benzene. Content Color: Clear to Pale Yellow.