No Tape


Item Code : no-tape-05oz


  • Overview
  • Vapon No Tape Tube Adhesive 1/2oz

  • This silicon-based adhesive provides a very strong bond for extended wear. NOT recommended for daily wear. Great for use on both lace and polyurethane hair systems and comes in a travel size tube. 1/2oz squeeze tube.

  • Tech Specs
    • Avg. Hold Time 2-4 Weeks
    • Bottle Size (Fluid Ounces) 0.5 oz

  • Directions
  • Apply to nonporous surface of hairpiece and to area where hairpiece will be attached. Allow to dry COMPLETELY before placing unit on head. Use in conjunction with Adjust-A-Bond for best results.

  • Removal:

  • Any solvent will do, but Topsol is recommended.